Enter today!!!

Submit your Creative Raw Delicious Recipe and Win the powerful 3hp Omni Blender!!!
Value: $300

This is a rawsome opportunity to put your Uncooking skills and artistic talents to work !

Contest Ends midnight May 31st.

Submit your recipe to info@RawBC.org no later than midnight on May 31st, 2013

Contest Criteria:

  • Important to highlight Local Ingredients
  • Keep the ingredient list and the preparation steps simple
  • Recipe Name – Creative name
  • Pictures of the finished created dish
  • Picture of the contestant
  • Recipe must be original or if an adaption (must have at least 30% changes from the original, and submit where recipe sourced)
  • Description of the dish; such as how the recipe was developed, why it is so good, what are the benefits of eating this preparation
  • Pictures must be submitted in .jpg format and file size must be under< 400kb
  • Recipe description must be submitted in Word .doc format
Eligibility: Any RawBC member and/or any BC resident.

Judges: RawBC Directors and judging panel.

The winning prize will be a brand new unused Omni Blender.

During the contest period, the Omni Blender will be shown out-of-the box at RawBC events, for promotional purposes.

RawBC website, Facebook site, eNewsletter, eBooks and other usages. Submitted recipes and pictures become the property of RawBC and can be used for promotional purposes, such as posting on the RawBC website.

The Grand Prize Winner will be notified by June 20th. And the recipe will be featured in the July eNewsletter and RawBC website.

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RawBC.org promotes a raw food plant-based diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, which are rich in enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, phytochemicals, and life force energy. Contributors to this site were working hard behind the scenes for many years to deliver raw food ideas and information to people looking for a healthier and more alive lifestyle throughout British Columbia.

Why Raw?

Did you know that cooking food destroys most of the food’s nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes, which are essential to life and health? A raw diet is the more natural way to eat. All of nature consumes its food raw! Human beings are the only species that cook their food!

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